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Vergrößern Gartenschlauch-Set Deluxe, 15m - Label 17 New
Vergrößern Garden Hose-Set Deluxe, 15 m, Black
Vergrößern Gartenschlauch-Set Deluxe, 15m - Label 17 New
Vergrößern Garden Hose-Set Deluxe, 15 m, Black

Garden Hose-Set Deluxe, 15 m, Black

CHF 139.00
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Hose Deluxe 15 m black, exclusive spraygun with 10 programs, hose hanger in matt metal, velvet bag.

The hoses are made of a very durable textile and inside a latex hose for best quality, expands with water, very low weight.

Spray gun programs:

Flat: For gentle watering of flowers, plants & shrubs.

Shower: Recommended setting for washing your pets.

Mist: Ideal for watering large areas. 1/2 Vert: Reaches long distances for lawn watering.

Vertical: Powerfully fills buckets & watering cans.

Angle: Perfect for rinsing soap from vehicles. Soaker: Rinse off larger stains.

Cone: Suitable for long distance and dispersive sprinkling.

Rinse: Wash your belongings thoroughly. Center: Middle spray, precise washing items.

Care guide:

1. After use dry it in the shade and then store indoors for best lifetime. Never leave the hose expanded with water when not in use.

2. After use avoid long time outdoor sun exposure.

3. Don't let the water run out the same time you turn the water on from the tap. Let the hose fill up for a few seconds first.

4. Make sure the rubber sealing is in the connecting part for leak prevention.

5. Drain water from the hose when not in use, store out of direct sun. 

6. I you find this hose does not extend to the length, please kindly make sure whether the faucet is at full blast.

7. Steiff around sharp stones when in use.

8. If the product has a defect do not cut the water hose as this is not a PVC-hose and the textile will be ruined. 

Exists also in nature color

Gartenarbeit mit Stil und Klass, made ByBenson. 

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